Sunday, January 18, 2009

american apparel love!

I am going to admit that until recently, I had never really known about american apparel. I am not even 16 yet, so am still discovering fashion, and so had only heard a little about aa. Once I entered the blogosphere, though, american apparel seemed to be in a lot of places. Unfortunately, the closest store is roughly...3 hours away :( But thankfully, I have the internet!

One person that inspired me to check out the site was Demi from Fashionably Early. She seems to have a number of american apparel pocket skirts, and they are so cute! I agree with her posts that say they go with everything. (well, they look like they do at least.) I have to go shopping before I decide to buy a skirt from the net, but this is def. on my wishlist! I also like the v neck t's, but they seem a bit expensive for just a basic shirt.

Just looking at the skirt is inspiring! It looks so versatile! 

Do you have the skirt?
If you have this type of skirt, do you have any comments on it? Does it fit right? Feel right? What color do you like best? Also, can you wear this skirt lower on your waist/hips, or is it meant to be slightly higher rise? Tell me! I would love to hear your reviews of this skirt.