Monday, January 19, 2009

bargain shopping

Yay! Today I went to Goodwill, which is pretty much the only place to "bargain" shop around here. I came away with a grey cardigan and a blouse. When I saw the grey cardigan, and liked it, I thought, for five dollars, who can pass it up? And the blouse was like, 3 dollars, so they were good buys. I didn't get time to check out the jewlery, but maybe next time. I know the blouse looks super unflattering and weird in the picture, but it is actually quite nice for a bargain shirt. The grey cardigan is pretty basic, and a bit big, but cardigans are essentials in your wardwrobe! (I have a pink, two grey, and a black!)

I also went "shopping" in my sisters pile of clothes to give away to Goodwill. I found the dress below, and actually really like it. It is way to short to be a dress worn alone, but perhaps with tights it could be a mini dress. I have also tried tucking the dress in and then pairing it with a black cardigan, thin belt, and flats. If you look closely at the dress, you see it has seeming and an extra length near the end. I am going to wear it a couple times, and then possibly sew it up so it becomes a blouse...(therefore getting rid of the extra length at the end.)

I was going to do an outfit post tomorrow, but I have to wear a certain jacket for my sports team, so the post will have to wait until Wednesday!

Also, a couple quick things.

1. I need some help with the header thingy. I think my header is boring, so if there is a kind soul who wants to make one for me I would love them to death.

2. About the AA skirt...I am almost 5'7...Would a medium be too short?

Hopefully someone can help me answer those. Have a happy Monday everyone!