Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Dang. I thought, for sure, today would be an outfit post but something came up. I had to dress up for a sports event so of course, my outfit that I put together LAST WEEK has to wait until Thursday. :( sad face. If something comes up tomorrow, then I will just take a picture of the outfit because I can't wait any longer! I also might be adding some pictures to the blog if I decide to do some of Weadrobe's contests.

I saw these shoes at Delias online store, and thought; hmmm they look like moccasin slippers! I think that if you wore these shoes, they would be so much better than slippers, but look just as comfy!! Plus, I think moccasins are actually being worn by "fashion people" so its ok. I think they are kinda cute.

Ok, also at Delias I saw these and fell in love! 

As if the cool, bright colors aren't enough, you also get animal prints!!!

And finally, check out these shirts (also from Delias!) Great color options, v neck, and cute pocket; check,check, check!
Happy Wednesday, everybody!!