Saturday, January 10, 2009

How Do you Wear Brights?

First off I would like to say sorry about not posting for a couple days. I had some internet problems that just wouldn't let me post anything! But I'm back now, and hopefully all problems are fixed. 

Ok-on to fashion. I would just like to do an outfit post about wearing bright colors. (Bright jeans, shirts, jackets, ect.) You see, some people at my school wear bright colors, which is fine, but sometimes they are so overwhelming! (I'm not dissing on their style, at all! If that's what they want to wear, that is their choice) So I decided to make it a discussion (hopefully). If I ever got brave enough to wear this much color, this is how I would wear it. Bright

Forever 21 cardigan, headband, and shirt; WetSeal cami; Delia's Jeans

This is my ideal bright outfit. Bright jeans, tank top, and headband. Then I would tone it down with a grey cardigan and a bit of black on the shirt. I just think that when you wear bright shirt, tank-top, jeans, shoes, and jacket, it gets overwhelming and messy.

But maybe I am in the minority, here. Hmmm....

What do you think? How do you feel about bright outfits? Tell me in the comments!