Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Outfit and Trends

Today was my second day back at school, and school is partly the reason for this hasty post. To school, I wore jeans, flats, a bright yellow babydoll tank-top over a white long sleeve, and a chunky necklace. Of course, I also was hauling around my backpack. Wearing the yellow tank-top made me think of trends. I read yesterday at collegefashion.net about some trends for 2009, and was mostly pleased. I am glad about yellow being an "in" color. I just love it, and have a mini-dress and tank in bright yellow. The one trend I truly don't think I will be following is the total ripped jeans look. To me, they seem so sloppy, and just not my style. For more on the trends, go to collegefashion.net. 

Sorry for the hasty post, I'll be back tomorrow with more.