Tuesday, January 20, 2009

random things

I have a lot of...random things to say, so I will do what I enjoy doing. Making a list! Yes that sounds pretty nerdy but it's the truth.

1. Notice the new header? Thank you so much Demi (Fashionably Early)!

2. My current fashion site addiction is weardrobe. You can check out totally awesome outfits and enter contests. 

3. Tomorrow I promise I will start posting outfit pics. Hopefully that will become a constant thing. Sadly, I don't think my camera has a self timer (or maybe it does and I'm oblivious)!

4. My current wanna have is the AA skirt. But I'm guessing you know that (I might have mentioned it..once or twice?) :) Right now its like something you can't have...you end up seeing it EVERYWHERE! 

5. Today I had two finals, and will have two more each day. Except for Friday because we don't have school on Friday. Teacher work day or something. 

Have a good rest of the day!