Monday, February 16, 2009

accessories part 2

Today, our family went bowling. I used to not like the bowling shoes, but now I look at them with new eyes. They seem kind of vitage-y, don't they? It was really casual, so I wore jeans, a graphic T, my bright green rain coat material/blazer structured jacket, and a hat. It actually ended up looking nice!

Anyway, a while back, I posted some of my accessories, and today I decided to continue that post. The ring above  I found in my mom's desk drawer, and she said I could wear it. The picture is a little blurry, but basically it's a bluish color. 
I got the necklace above for Christmas, and it is really really good for dressing up an outfit, and adding lots of detail. 

I have been wearing the ring so much that if I take it off, it feels like it's still there! Isn't that weird? 

Hope you have a lovely Monday everyone!