Saturday, February 14, 2009

the creative, witty valentines day title goes here

I just couldn't bring myself to put Happy Valentines Day. It just seemed so uncreative! Haha. Anyway, Happy Valentines Day. I hope everyone has a great day, even if you are without a valentine. I know am. Again.  Oh well. Life goes on, doesn't it? For all you single girls, I hope you have an extra special day! I know it may be a little late for outfits on what to wear for today, but I'll do it anyway. 

Valentines Day Outfit 1

Ok, so for one, I know most people can't afford this outfit. I can't! But I just got inspired, and put it together, without looking at prices. I still think the concept can be copied; leggings with a long pea coat, flats, some gold jewlery, and a bright pop of red. This would probably be a good date outfit, if you're doing something fancy. 

New Years Semi-Formal/Casual

This outfit would probably be really good for just hanging out with your friends, or a less formal date. The concept, once again could be copied. Boots, cardigan, blouse, skirt. It has some small pops of red, too.

Girls Night Out

Or, if you are going out with your friends, (Girls Night Out!) you can skip the red altogether. Who wants to look just like anyone else? Not me! All of this outfit is budget friendly, too...except for the booties. Love the bows!

If you are just staying in today/tonight, treat yourself to a home spa day or something. Lounge around. Eat chocolate, and not worry about gaining weight. That's what I'm doing!

So what are you doing for today? What are you wearing? Tell me, I'd love to hear!