Tuesday, February 24, 2009

finding my purse charming

Thanks for all the lovely comments! I'm exited that people are reading my blog, and it makes me feel so good! Anyway, just an FYI this week is super crazy for me...I will be traveling alot for basketball, which means late nights, which means posting may be a bit off/on until the weekend at least. Just heads up!

The bag below is my bag. (I just made a set on Polyvore because I think it shows the purse better than a normal pic could.) This isn't really a "What's in My Bag" ...just a "My Bag" type of thing...


I got this bag for Christmas, only about 15 dollars! So that's good. I def can't afford designers, so this is from American Eagle. I love it for so many reasons.

1. Color. Ok, I know it's a tad plain, but that leaves room for awesome outfits!
2. Size/Design. The size is big enough to hold my 3 mini purses :) (makeup bag, wallet, phone/i-pod bag.) but it never feels like I'm hauling something around. Also, it has just enough structure to hold things up.

I'm so happy I got this purse...it takes some time to find the right one, but I'm glad I waited! 

Have a lovely, awesome, stylish week!