Friday, February 20, 2009

hot chocolate, fuzzy sweaters, sunny skies

The picture above is the plaid blazer. I wore it with a basic white shirt and pink shirt underneath, as well as my suede boots. I'm pretty much in love with the feel of a blazer. I guess it makes me feel professional! Haha. Can you say nerd? :)

The weather has been so weird....sunny, but not really warm. Still, the sun is marvelous! Since it was cold, though, today I left my house with a cozy sweater and hot chocolate. Mmmm! The first picture is of the buttons on my oversized, cozy sweater.

Also, Demi from Fashionably Early tagged everyone for the "four things" tag. I haven't really said much about myself, so here goes!

four places I go over and over
1. My room. When life gets crazy, my room is the one place that is clean, and all my own!
2. My friend's house. Basically my second home. I love going to my friend's house; we call it the party house!
3. School. I'm not gonna lie. I do go here a lot. I'm not saying I enjoy it, but I do go here often!
4. My closet. I love going in my closet to try and find new outfits.

four people who email me regularly
1. Friends.
2. Family.
3. Other friends.
4. Umm...Honestly, I don't really email a whole lot. :/ Feel free to Email me if you want to talk, or have questions/comments!

four favorite smells
1. Head and Shoulders shampoo. Random, but it is has a comforting smell.
2. Coconut lime lotion/pink grapefruit lotion.
3. Special K Bars. (Chocolate, rice crispies, peanut butter...other good stuff.)
4. Spring! As in the season. It is so refreshing, and in spring, there is cut grass, blooming flowers...oh I adore it!

four places I'd rather be
1. Europe. Don't laugh! I've always wanted to travel Europe. Basically, I'm a travel nerd. I've been to Africa, and that pretty much gave me a love love love of travel.
2. A small town that I'm not gonna name
3. On a beach, relaxing
4. In a mall with all my favorite stores. With exclusive shopping, just for me and friends!! Oh man.

four tv shows I watch
1. What Not To Wear
2. Criminal Minds
3. Gossip Girl. Every once in a while. I haven't really gotten into it. I love the clothes, though!
4. Fox Soccer Channel. Haha. Yes, I'm serious.

I would like to tag everyone!!!

Happy Friday!