Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my creative titles have run dry

Sweater; Goodwill
Shirt; Target
Skirt; Walmart
Rings; Gifts
Necklaces (Heart shaped one from before and giraffe); Homemade, gift
Tights; Mom's closet
Socks; Mom's closet
Shoes; Payless

I'm trying not to bore you to death with my titles...I'm working on them! Anyway, the first picture is of my outfit yesterday. The second picture is obviously a close up! I know, the pictures in the mirror are lame, but don't worry, the self-timer isn't broken! I just thought in the mirror picture might be better to see the outfit and the socks....

I was just going to wear the outfit with tights instead of socks and tights, but then my tights ripped. :( My mom had a pair of footless tights, but the outfit was pretty plain/basic/boring. You know how it is when it feels blah. So I decided to go for it and wear grey knee highs. I loved it! Of course, I got a weird glance or two. (why? really, the socks thing isn't that  "out there". but, of course, the weird glances came from ugg wearing hollister girls. so that could say something.) 

Thank goodness for friends who compliment you, though. One friend asked if I was wearing two toned tights...that would have been so amazing! 

Have a lovely week!