Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my take on labels

Labels labels labels... a very interesting thing to talk about! Here is my take on them. First of all, if I see something I like, it really doesn't matter where it came from! I don't care if it's Goodwill, or a more expensive place. Anyway, what I hate about labels is when they are across shirts, sweatshirts, and even this.
Now, I'll admit I have a sweatshirt that has the whole label thing going on, but my friends and I agree that really, the green sweatshirt truly brings out my eyes (no joke, everyone says so!) so it's ok :). Yes, I think some of the stores have good quality (I really like American Eagle) and I do buy things from them alot, but they don't have the label blaring on the front saying PLEASE ACCEPT ME, I'M WEARING THE RIGHT BRAND! 

Like, you know that green tank top I posted the other day? It's from Abercrombie. And honestly, if it had been more expensive I wouldn't have bought it. Why in the world would I buy it just because it has a little seagull thing on it? 

This may sound weird, but at my school, people really have an obsession with Colombias. They are the fleece jacket made by Colombia. They are quite warm, but the thing is, everyone has them. The other day, in one of my classes, 5 girls sitting in the same group had the same jacket at the same time, only in different colors. I would have been embarrassed. 

I guess to sum it all up, this is my point of view.

1. Don't buy something for the label.
2. Be unique.
3. Try every store, not just the "in" stores. 
4. To me, huge labels on the front just seem silly.

What do you think about labels?

I would really like to hear what your take on labels is. Love them? Hate them? Tell me in the comments!!