Thursday, February 19, 2009

puppies aren't meant to be kept still

Today I wore a plaid blazer, which I will probably post tomorrow. I've been so inspired by everyone's blazer, I decided to raid my sister's closet, and found the blazer! And it's plaid, so double good! This weekend, I decided to do a mini-photoshoot with...the flowers! And our puppy. I also took some pictures of my younger sister, but I'm not sure if I can blur/black out her face, because she wouldn't like it posted. So below are two pictures of our puppy...Rooney. It is a she, and yes, she is named after Wayne Rooney. 

Then, I went to taking pictures of some flowers I had gotten. The lighting is dark, but I'm over it. I know this isn't fashion, but it is the arts so it could be inspiring just the same. I hope to post some more of my photographs as time progresses. 

Feel free to comment about the pictures, but please don't be rude about them. If anyone knows of any editing for I-photo, you should tell me! (I actually don't know if there is anything at all like that...) Have a lovely week!