Sunday, March 1, 2009

christmas was forever and a day ago

Today, I was finally able to exchange a sweater that I got for Christmas! The sweater didn't quite fit right, and wasn't really something I'd wear. I went down to the store with my mom, and started looking around. The clothing wasn't really popping out at me, so I decided to check out the accessories. And I found what I was looking for. I ended up exchanging for a wallet and a scarf. Sounds boring, right? Well they are beautiful, and have great little details.
The above is the has SO many colors, so it will be easy to incorporate it into my outfits. It will add a nice pop of color.

Above is the wallet. It's basically a wallet clutch. It is so soft, and has a wonderful bohemian ish design. 

When I was at the store, I tried on a plaid top. It was so beautiful, but sadly didn't quite fit right. 

I wore a pretty basic outfit...we were just planning on going to that one store, then home, so I didn't really want to go super intricate outfit if I was just out for a bit. 

Black T

Above is basically what I wore, except I had a green hoodie and a large, chunky necklace. I felt kind of emo...almost all in black. You know, I really think people underestimate the power of a basic t. Just recently, i got 3 V neck ts that fit loosely, and I'm in love. I think white and black shirts especially can make a reallly chic statement...they are basic, yes, but I've seen celebrities rock black and white shirts, and it looks amazing! Don't underestimate basics!

Have a lovely week, everyone!