Wednesday, March 18, 2009

experimenting photoshoot

Basically, I raided my parent's closet. Dad's t shirt. Mom's "mom" jeans. While looking through my mom's clothes, I came across a gorgeous blazer. Problem is, it had shoulder pads. And for me, I already have wide shoulders. So I don't wish to make them even wider. Sigh. Take a look at my outfits.I know, the shoes are somewhat lame; but they were the only one's that really went with the jeans.

I tried to make my version of the boyfriend jean as realistic as possible, and I think I succeeded. My opinion, after wearing them?

1. They are loose jeans wore in a stylish way. Don't go out and buy a super expensive pair. The pair I'm wearing is from my mom's closet.

2. Simplicity works best.

3. They can be somewhat unflattering from behind...I think if I ever decided to wear them out, I would choose a pair of loose, yet flattering jeans.

4. Comfy. Seriously comfy.