Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I can't decide if I like it or not

The boyfriend jeans! Whether you have a boyfriend or not, this trend defenitely seems to be on the rise. I have mixed feelings about this trend. I think that you have to wear it exactly right, or it could end up not looking right. I actually really like how Reese Witherspoon wears these jeans, but I think if you cuff the jeans a certain way, it could look like 7th grade when the cool thing was to take flared jeans and roll them up in a really unattractive way.
I like how the above jeans, while baggy, still have some shape. I personally think the super super baggy boyfriend jeans just look unflattering! I love jeans, though, and am willing to try a more fitting boyfriend jean, like above. The problem though, is where to find a pair that I like, without spending all my money. 

On another note, hopefully I can hit up Goodwill this weekend and look for some blazers...I will keep my fingers crossed. 

What do you think of the boyfriend jeans? Are you willing to try? I know I am!