Tuesday, March 3, 2009

is it too late to apologize?

Seriously. Will you forgive me if I have an excuse? I know I only missed a few days of posting, but it feels like forever. Good News: (well, it is actually sad) one sport is over. Bad News: Another sport is starting! So posting still may be wacko (wow, did I just say that?). I'm so sorry about it. If I had my way, I'd be staying home all day, getting payed to blog every time any little minuscule fashiony thing happened. Stupid school. 

Anyway...I have an idea! A couple weeks ago or so, Amelia from Ambiguous Alliteration Abomination decided to do a (cue loud, authoritative voice) Fashion Challenge. Basically, it was a challenge to use pieces of her wardrobe that she hadn't worn in a while and create outfits. I love that idea...because I forget about some clothes I have. Hehe. Not cool. So I don't want to forget them, hence I declare a Fashion Challenge upon myself. Please hold me to this. That is your duty. Thanks! Haha. 

Sorry for the word-heavy post. Hopefully pictures of some sort tomorrow...day one of challenge!

Much love