Wednesday, March 4, 2009

it seemed so simple

Day one of Fashion Challenge! I have a couple things to say before my outfit.

1. Dang. It was harder than I expected! But, that was partly due to the fact that...
2. I actually don't have a lot of unworn clothing!

I realized that I actually don't have that many clothes in general! I seemed to have a ton of basics (one color shirt type things). I have sweaters. But what I really think my wardrobe needs are some statement type things...a cute blouse in a print, for example. Some mini-dresses and skirts. So here's a question. What pieces (besides basics) do you think are essential in a wardrobe? Tell me, I need help! The piece I haven't worn in a while was this long, brown turtleneck. It was pretty boring alone, but I added a scarf (yes...the one from the other day :) and some jewlery, and that pretty much made the outfit complete.
jeans; pacsun
shirt; kohls
scarf; maurices
jewlery; random

Tomorrow is Thursday...almost Friday! Hurrah!