Sunday, March 15, 2009

just my luck

Just having some fun experimenting with clothes. I know that the picture is terrible; my camera ran out of battery, and of course, we have no batteries left in the house. So I was forced to use my phone. But, I make a promise, that never again (unless extreme emergency) will I post a mirror picture. Of course, not having a camera with batteries is an extreme emergency.

Anyway, the other day while looking through my closet, I cam across the black skirt you see above. It is really quite long, but I rolled it up a few times and placed a wide belt over the rolls. I think the look turned out quite nice. Of course, add some jewlery, and it looks even better. Sadly, I can't quite wear this skirt out in public yet because the back looks somewhat odd due to the rolled up bit. But I'm working on perfecting this skirt with good potential.