Friday, March 13, 2009

liquid leggings are refreshing

Hippie Chic

Step It Up

Today at school, I saw someone wearing liquid leggings. Now, to some, this may seem like an ordinary feat. Think again. My school is ruled by Carharts (look it up. very very sad.) and Hollister obsessions. Liquid leggings are rare. They truly inspired me! They are so versatile looking, and could be dressed up or down. As I often do when fits of inspiration come, or are needed, I headed onto Polyvore and made two opposites. The first outfit seems so chic and simple, something you could wear to school.

The second outfit seems like a more dressed up one, yet one you could still wear to school if you wanted. Liquid leggings just seem to be very fun! Just be sure to wear them properly!! In my opinion, you shouldn't wear them without a longer shirt/tunic. But confidence, as always, is the key!