Saturday, March 7, 2009

magical days feel amazing

It was sooo sunny yesterday, it seemed magical! It's like I had almost forgotten how wonderful spring is, because it hasn't been sunny for a while! These are the unedited versions of the pictures; my sister and my dog. 

So the other day, when I was talking about needing to go shopping, I went onto Polyvore. I basically compiled a list of my wish list for when I go shopping; essentials kind of, but also some pieces that I think my wardrobe is missing. 
Spring/Summer Wish

They include black skinny jeans, boyfriend shorts, mini dress, blazer, gladiators, ankle boots, and of course, the American Apparel Skirt. The boots are on sale for $30! And I'm pretty much in love with them. I want the boyfriend fit shorts because the looser short just appeals to me. The blazer, from Alloy, is a tad expensive ($54) for my budget, but I'll keep looking. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!