Thursday, March 12, 2009

not a pleasant thing

It has been coollllddd. Basically, my outfits have consisted of cozy knits, peacoats, gloves, scarves, and cute boots. I can't wait to break out the shorts, sandals, blouses for spring and summer. I know my posting is a little off; very busy with school and sports. 

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to normal posting; for now, just a quick note.

I'm fine with you leaving your opinion in the comments, but please don't be rude. There's no need to tell me that I have no creativity if I draw inspiration from Lauren Conrad. I'm just someone who likes to write and likes fashion. I draw inspiration from lots of places! I just said that I liked those outfits. And please, if you comment as Anonymous; if you're going to leave a comment like that (on the last post) please at least leave a name so I can clarify anything or get back to you.