Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring has sprung

Sorry for the lack of posts...track season has officially started so posting could be a little off.
Anyway, it is supposed to be officially spring, except that it is still raining. I am still dreaming of the day (May, probably) when I can throw on a cute dress, bring a cardigan in my springy tote bag, and skip off to school. The first dress is from PacSun, 2nd two from American Eagle, and last two from Ruche. I searched Forever 21 as well, but was very dissapointed in their selection. 

Oh, and if you like the American Apparel pocket skirt, check out PacSun and look at their skirts! They have the look alike, and ok, it's like 5 cents cheaper...but I'm going to watch it online and my guess is it will soon go on a super sale price. So I'll keep you updated. Check it out!