Monday, March 9, 2009

this blue for sure ain't sad

First off, let me say sorry for another in the mirror photo. My camera self timer was being a mean mean thing. 

Some people may complain that they have sister's...I on the other hand, enjoy sneaking into their closets when they're gone and trying on clothes :) Ok, so I just sneak like, once a month, but still, it helps to have extra wardrobes. (Even though, I must admit, we are sometimes stingy. Ever felt that way with your clothes?) 

Well the dress below is my younger sisters...a gift from my older sister! I love how deep the blue is, I think it's gorgeous! For this season, I can see pairing it with tights, and a cardigan. I would really love to pair it with a nice, cute pair of ankle boots...Does anyone know where to get ankle boots? A friend of mine has the absolute cutest yellow pair, that I seriously want to steal from her. (I know, I had some boots in a post the other day...I'm talking ankle boots here. Like, at the ankle.) 

And above is the bow I wore today! I wore it in my hair (of course). It was a pre-made bow; sorry, haven't gotten around to being 'crafty'. :) It's funny, because people would say "Oh, cute bow." And I had forgotten it was in my hair...odd. 

So I hope everyone had an amazing Monday (if such a thing exists.)