Wednesday, April 8, 2009

enjoy candy colored summer

The two whole days of sunshine that I had inspired me! I'm thinking ahead to summer, and I'm thinking about candy colors. This summer, I'm excited to wear lots of different colors, shorts, and blouses, not to mention shoes, but there is something particular I'd like to try.

Candy colored short shorts. Sounds crazy. I know. Normally I'm not even a fan of short shorts, but I think if I just wear a loose v neck t, they could totallly balance out. Below are some of my favorite afordable picks for candy-colored denim.

From the top, Pacsun, Delias, American Eagle, and Pacsun. 

Oh, and speaking about PacSun.. Check out their skirts. I'm really liking them, and probably post about them tomorrow. Fun, floral, (some) and totally chic for summer. Mmmm. 

Have a great day!