Sunday, April 26, 2009

revival of the fittest

There's nothing like a good Goodwill shop to revive a person. Some technical difficulties keep popping up with uploading my pictures (some of them being my poor old computer can't keep up!) So the timeline on that is within the week. Sorry about the absense, the sun has been out and my activities have tripled. But I still really like blogging and trust me, I'm not going anywhere.

Friday, I went Goodwill shopping with my friend. It was quite successful! 

The bottom is of my spring blazer. These are crummy phone pictures (above tech problemos) so you may not see that the blazer is slightly lime green-striped. The first one is the floral blouse. I debated wether or not to get it, but it seemed perfect for pairing with denim shorts, or skinny jeans and my black boots. In fact, I think I will wear that tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!