Thursday, April 30, 2009

they've been promised for so long

1. Ok, so today I bought a new pair of dark denim and a tank top with some crochet-ish-ness on the back. I've been spending frequently! Ahh...

2. Here are the promised pictures. Well, just a few of them. I've taken a lot already that I will probably have photography posts dispersed throughout a long period of time. (Only three pictures, I know. Serious tech issues.)

3. I am a huge procrastinater. Learn something new about yourself everyday!

Basically, the images are clearer and sharper than before. And I'm getting better with using my camera so the pictures will get even better! 

Also...A penny for your thoughts but a quarter for your questions.

I'm getting near 100 posts, and so I think it's about time for a question and answer post. Ask away. Please. Seriously anything. I'd love to answer questions!!

much lovey-