Friday, May 8, 2009

About Me and Fashionography

Hey, I'm Kathryn. Welcome to my blog!

I'm just a highschool girl, trying to write about bits and pieces of fashion, photography, and life in general. Through this blog, I want to share my thoughts and hopes with people who enjoy the same type of thing!

I'm not exactly a "glass half empty" type of person, but to me, it's not "a glass half full" either. Currently, the glass is just there, patiently waiting and giving me time to figure it all out.

♥ I'm indecisive. ♥ Love to travel. ♥ Could spend all day reading. ♥ A soccer player and track runner. ♥ I love lists, lists, lists! ♥ I am constantly seeing life through a lens. ♥ The future is thrilling. ♥ Dogs rule, cats drool. ♥ I only prefer basic math, such as: English > Math. ♥ New experiences are what I search for. ♥ Obviously, blogging is fun, and I plan on doing it for a while!

I hope I can inspire you, just as so many other amazing bloggers have inspired me!