Monday, May 11, 2009

do you like my hat?

Some people hate them, some people can't live without them. Some people just don't care about hats. Personally, I'm all for hats. Especially when it comes to protecting your scalp and your hair in the summer, I think hats are a great way to go. Some of the floppy hats can be a little to Tom Sawyer for my taste, but others are near perfection. Here are some stylish hats for this summer. 

From the top, Delias, Roxy, and Forever 21.
Some baseball caps (I repeat, some. not all!) can be stylish as well, depending on how you wear them and such. 

On a completely different note, I just wanted to show this beautiful picture of the Santa Monica Pier (picture taken from asymptotia). I find it so pretty, and although I'm sure it's really touristy, I would love to go here. If you live near this pier, and haven't been there, then you are wasting something! Because it is one of my goals to take my own picture of this pier!