Tuesday, May 19, 2009

how to avoid becoming just like every other girl, part 2

Hopefully, pictures coming soon! Beautiful weather over Memorial Day Weekend. Sorry for the absence...track and out of town. Life is crazy!

Ahh, part 2.
1. Be confident.
Anther thing that people say over and over, but it's true. Confident people really shine, and it makes them look so attractive.

2. Dress your body.
Key word, your. What looks good on one girl may not quite fit you. And seriously, size on pants or skirts or shirts or whatever should have no affect. Personally, I would rather have  a larger size fit and look great, than be able to say I wear a smaller size, but look stupid. Jeans look really good when they fit at the widest part and come down. Not all trends, no matter how "cool" they are, will look good on you.

3. Love yourself.

Not obsessively, but self image wise. Somone who loves who they are is more likely to be happy and confident. Don't be afraid to go out without makeup. Love yourself!

4. Have a great group of friends.

Friends that will stick with you are defenitely the best. They can help you through life, and face it, a lot of girls don't have true friends. So if you have friends that you like because of who they are, not what they wear or who they hang out with, you will be totally unique!

Have a wonderful week, dearest readers! I will try to post pictures and reply to comments and read blogs as soon as possible!