Friday, May 15, 2009

I didn't think I would get this far

100th Post! This is pretty exciting! 

I honestly never thought I would continue blogging for 100 posts. It is quite a miracle. And I defenitely never imagined that people would actually want to read my words! So thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I really appreciate your suppport!

I'm thinking that now would be a good time to change up the layout, and header as a symbol of a new 100 posts to come! If anyone would feel so moved as to help me (read: make me) a new header, I would owe them a lot. I love the one I have now, from Demi, but I would like to change it up. So if you could make one, that would be awesome!

Also, I headed onto Polyvore today! I decided to pretend that I was having a red carpet 100th post celebration, and this is what I would wear. 

100th Post

Nothing to fancy, just simple and elegant. I like it. 

Much love,