Wednesday, May 13, 2009

it's like fire on your feet, but you won't get burned

This Spring/Summer, things are going to get hot. Weather, of course. Outfits will look great. Some hot guys, hopefully. But also, your feet. I'm not talking about sweaty, hot feet. I'm talking about good looking shoes that will make your feet look amazing! This summer, I think red is a nice bold choice to take. Pair a simple shirt and shorts with these spicy shoes, and you have an amazing outfit! 

Red shoes are a two for one, because not only do they spice up a plain outfit, but they can work for nautical as well.

These wedges are perfect for a summer night, when you're hanging with your friends, or out on the town. All you need is a simple outfit to make them shine. I'm thinking a flowy blouse with denim shorts, or a simple dress and basic jewlery. (Payless)
These flats are perfect for your summer job. Ahh, who am I kidding. No one works in the summer. They are perfect for shopping with your girls or making a smoothie run. (Payless)

And these gorgeous sandals are good for just about anything...smoothie runs, hitting the mall or the beach, hanging with your friends, or a night out on the town. (Delias)

These shoes are also budget friendly, so your wallet won't get burned.

Have a marvelous week!