Saturday, May 2, 2009

a new twist to track

Today while browsing Teen Vogue's fashion spreads, I was enticed by all of them! Especially the world traveling ones...they always seem so romantic, in a dreamlike way. But the one that captured me most today was one from a while back. It's the Vision Quest spread, and features stylish sports pictures (made before/during the most recent Olympics I believe.) 

I guess I like this because it's somewhat obvious that no one can look that stylish while running track...that someone that skinny can't have enough musle to run fast... that her track shoes probably cost more than my wardrobe.

But all the same, I found all the Vision Quest pictures inspiring and pretty. As always, Teen Vogue produces wonderful spreads!

One last thing; I didn't really get a lot of please feel free to leave questions so I can do a Q and A post!