Tuesday, May 5, 2009

question and answer posts sure are fun!

Here is the question and answer post!

1. Diet or Regular?
Well, I'm assuming this means pop ( or soda, or soda pop, whatever you like to call it!). Don't know what else it could mean....anyway, I actually rarely drink pop, but I would have to say diet. But Lemon-Lime is the number one!

2. When did you start taking pictures?
I got my first camera around 5th grade. So I started taking pictures around then, but I wasn't really into photography. I guess I really started taking pictures, photography wise, in the past year or two. Now, I love it!

3. What's your typical day?
Well, I'll answer this. But be warned, it could be boring. Right now, I'm trying to juggle track, drivers ed, sleep, and schoolwork all at once. So a day right now goes like this: Get up, eat, choose outfit, school, drivers ed (or track, depending on the day), homework, eat, bed. On the weekends, it involves more sleep, soccer, homework, friends, and "me time." I just love me time. :)

4. Did you take lessons for photography?
No, I haven't taken any lessons. I've read tips from bloggers, and online articles about photography, but I've never taken a lesson. I'm looking into taking a class though.

5. Where do you live?
I live in the wonderful State of Washington. It rains a lot, but it's really a good place to grow up. It's a small town with 3 clothing stores, two of them being Goodwill and a thrift shop. So making unique outfits is sometimes hard, because if you buy locally, you might find someone that has the same thing you do. Also, the main style (sadly) is either hick (i.e. Carharts) or preppy (i.e. Hollister.)
6. How old are you?
I just turned 15 not even a month ago, and that makes me a freshman in highschool

7. Which camera do you use?
I use a Canon Rebel XS, which I got for my birthday. I'm still learning how to use all of it, but I love all the different settings and the lens' and how it's just a lot nicer than my previous camera. (May it rest in peace.)

8. Can you speak any other languages?
Well, clearly I speak English. And I am learning Spanish right now as one of my high school classes. I actually enjoy learning it. Sometimes I will just throw in some Spanish phrases for good measure, or talk to my mom (who knows some Spanish) in Spanish so my younger sister can't understand. Oh, the benefits of knowing Spanish. :)

9. What kind of music do you like?
Well, I don't like screamo. And that leaves everything else to like. I tend to lean more towards softer songs, but really I will listen to most anything. Well, ok, techno isn't quite my thing either.

10. What are your pet peeves?
Oh boy. I have about a million of these, but here are just a few :)

-people chewing gum like a cow
-Uggs with shorts
-People scuffing their feet
-Mismatched socks. I can not, and will not, wear mismatched socks. It's a curse, I guess!!

I hope you enjoyed reading the answers! Thanks for asking the questions!!