Thursday, June 4, 2009

the beautiful dance of life

It seems like life is a dance. You are always moving, always going, and everyone loves the slow parts where there is peace and quiet. My dance of life right now would defenitely be an extremely fast dance, where I would run around and do lots of things in a little amount of time. Because that's how it is now. Thankfully, it's starting to slow down, which means blogging will increase.

Here are some pictures, ranging from Memorial Day to the past days or so. Enjoy these pictures filled with sunshine from my crazy life :)
Not sure why they seem so small....oh well :) I love flowers. This one was all circular! 
My grandmas dog, Tammy. She was a poser for me, and it turned out quite nice.
For some reason, this picture makes me happy!
We all need a little love in our life. Unfortunately for me, the only love I have is a family type, sisterly love. Hopefully soon that could change :) (But hey, I'm independent on my own, too!)
Sunflower thing. These are so bright and I went crazy and took a lot of pictures of these.

Take advantage of the sun. Frolick and play, because it's not here every day. Listen to the birds, sleep in the grass, and learn how to fly. Dreaming big helps.

Have a lovely week, readers!