Monday, June 1, 2009

everybody's waiting for final school bell to ring

June! Hallelujah, baby. It is so crazy to think that in about 10 days, I will be school free. That is a calming thought. Before I get into the actual, somewhat random, content of this post, I would like to mention one thing.

I don't want to kindle a dying argument here, but whatever your opinion on Uggs, please stop wearing them in the summer. If you love them or hate them, they just should not ever be worn in June.

Ok, that was nice to just say. And I leave the Uggs conversation at that.

Moving on. Since it's June, a lot of people have been wearing sundresses and flip flops. That is totally fine, but I'm kinda wanting to mix it up. As much as I like flip-flops, they are starting to get old. We can all benefit from a cute gladiator or flat. Check out this outfit, sundress reinvented.

The dress is from AE, bag and shoes from Delias.

Try mixing it up with your oufit tomorrow. Be inspired!!


EDIT: Yes, I realize that Uggs were kinda-sorta made in Australia for surfers, but seeing as that is not the motivation for the Ugg wearing girls I see, I still find it appalling to wear Uggs in the summer.