Monday, June 15, 2009

the final countdown to freedom : 2 days

2 days. Two days. TWO DAYS! Why do I have to endure two more days of finals? I couldn't be happier though, because in the long run, two days isn't hard to endure when you know you have a full summer of events ahead of you. This outfit I had been planning for a sunny day, and was quite excited to wear it.
The ruffle on my dress.
The new sandals!
Buttons, buttons. A cute row of buttons.
Dress; Aerie
Shoes; Payless
Leggings; Walmart
Shrit; Target
Assorted jewlery

I don't know about you, but dresses + pockets = heaven. (That's the type of math I like!) I love a dress with cute sidepockets, and that is part of the reason I bought this dress about a year ago.

Wish me luck on my finals! Hopefully some more posts this week before I leave.