Monday, June 29, 2009

if only summer days had no end

What a busy weekend. Out of the two weekswe have been out of school, I have only been at home for about 2 days. I am very busy with sports. But I'm not complaining. The travel means I get to shop more than normal! The dress below is a dress I bought from Nordstrom to wear to a wedding, except it has black on top, and a white/grey color for the skirt. I love it! 
I'm not quite sure how to acessorize it though; I was thinking some bright jewlery and my black sandals...sound good? I also bought a white Delias tank top, but it was extremely hard to take a picture of, and I can't find it on the I'll try to get it up later if I get a decent picture.

Also, I still can't decide if I like the sunglasses on the previous post..yay or nay?

Sorry for the lack of interesting posts. I haven't had a full sleep in about a week. :( Better posts to come!