Wednesday, June 10, 2009

let's just go with the flow

This summer, I think it's time to go with the flow. The natural flow of summer, that is; not the flow of following everyone else. And I can think of one piece of clothing that would be perfect for that...a nice, flowy skirt. 

These would basically be perfect for all of summer....easy to throw on after the beach before dinner, or great for an evening BBQ or day with your besties. Ok, so I was thinking about this at school. I realized I often learn much more during the summer than during the school year, things that I find much more applicable. Here is a start to the list.

I learn...
1.  about time management
2. how to explore
3. what freedom is
4. about friendships
5. how to be alone
6. that time is precious
7. to be intrigued
8. all about curiosity
9. about the power of imagination

Those seem much more useful than school, for me. Below is one of the pictures I took, edited. Hope you like it!