Saturday, June 20, 2009

rays of sunshine on a summer day

Right now, I am probably playing basketball...because this is my first scheduled post! Hopefully it works out ok. I decided to do a link roundup, of some great articles or random fashion-y things you need to check out.

-Guess Which Smiley Tee Costs More at the Budget Babe. The title says its all. 

-Find Your Perfect Bathing Suit Style at College Fashion.

-Learn about some natural beauty products for summer at WhoWhatWear.

-Polaroid your pictures with Polaroid It! or Picnik. Not as great as real Polaroids, but still addicting.

-Learn how to bleach a tank top, at Fashion Confectionairy.

-Totally not fashion related, but read some stories that will put a new perspective on life at F My Life.

-Check out some beautiful fashion, photography, and fashion photography at We Heart It.

-Laugh. Ok, so maybe I need to get out more, but check out this movie. It comes with a warning; the song WILL get stuck in your head.

I hope you all enjoy these link; have a great week!