Friday, June 26, 2009

summer traveling, part one; what to wear

First let me say that if you are taking a plane and jetting off this summer, I'm jealous. Airplanes are so fun! Anyway, there's always the dilemma of what to wear. No question about it, you have to be comfortable. But then there's the weather...chances are, it could be hot. But on the plane, it's known to get freeezing!!

Travel 1

You can see the details of this outfit by clicking on the pictures, I believe. This would be a perfect outfit. Easy shoes to get on after security, a sweater for the plane, shorts to keep you comfortable, and a stylish bag to hold some necessities-to be posted on later.
Travel 2

This outfit has function, with a soft skirt and roomy bag. And oh, it has style. Bright sandals? Check. Cute skirt? Check. It's perfect.

Those are just two examples of perfect traveling outfits. You can mix and match any items, but be creative! I suggest keeping jewlery to a small amount, due to security and the long plane ride could make a ton of it uncomfortable. 

Hope you like the outfits!!!