Friday, July 17, 2009

all my stuff is supposed to fit in THAT?

Packing for trips that involve limited luggage space always make me cringe. There is so much I want to bring, for any possible thing that could happen. It never really helps that my dad is a light packer, so he really doesn't understand the need to bring 2 sundresses, 3 pairs of shorts, and a bunch of tops for a short amount of time. Sigh.

So this summer, remember that function is everything! Basic jean shorts like the pair from AE below have great function. They are casual by day, and formal by night. All you need are a few pieces of jewlery to spice them up for night. Hey, jewlery doesn't take up much space!

Two other essentials are sundresses and tank tops. A sundress in a basic color, like the one above from Forever 21, can also be dressed up or down. Not only that, but you can wear it more than once without looking repetitive by pairing it with different colored tanks underneath or changing up your jewlery. 

Bright tank tops are essential because they can be used for anything! Layering under a dress, under a shirt, or paired with your new skirt. They add great color to any outfit!

Just remember, function is everything! (But I will still try to sneak in more clothes than I really need..heck, we're driving this summer, not flying!)

Much love,