Monday, July 13, 2009

and so they left...

Ok, so I'm traveling right? So I probably won't have my laptop. :( Or little, if any internet access. So I am trying to get a few scheduled posts in, including this one. So if I don't reply for comments for...2 weeks or so, please know why!

Anyway, lets talk about fashion. We all love clothes (um, duh) and right now is the perfect time to snatch up cute clothing for practically nothing compared to what it normally is! We're talking some serious steals here.

Above, $8 Cardigan from Delias

You see, I'm no retailer, but I'm pretty sure that right now stores are getting rid of all their "old" merchandise so that they can prepare for the new stuff...ahem...for back to school sales. Yes, it seems early. But it's the truth.
Above, GoJane $10 Sandal

AE Dress, $15

So because retailers have to make room for new clothing, they really just want to get rid of the old stuff. I got scarves at American Eagle, which I would never buy at normal price of 20 dollars, for $3.95! 
Urban Outfitters Dress, $20

When sale shopping online, remember to check availability before getting excited. Every so often, things are so cheap, and I get thrilled. But then I realize that smalls and mediums are out of stock, and the only sizes available are extra extra small or extra extra large. So check to see if items are in stock! 

When sale shopping in store, it's almost like thrift shopping. You have to go through a lot of items before you get to your treasure. Be patient. 

So go ahead, girlies! ( I say girlies because I don't think any guys read this any guys read this blog? Tell me if you are a guy reading this!) Shop it up at all the sales!