Sunday, July 5, 2009

fairy tales are true at sunrise

Spent the other day around the town, taking pictures. I found some beautiful flowers I can show later, and the daisies below. Also, I got up suppper early to catch the sunrise, and it was completely worth it. 

I love the layout of the daisies, all in a row.

I went down to the beach and caught some grass with the mountains behind it. 
One of the cool things is that there were a ton of 
fishermen out in their boats. It seemed magical almost, fishing in the 
rising sun.
Above is a view of the sun over the water, and downtown.

This could possibly be my favorite. My parents say it's hard to see, but I love how the sun is filtering in through the long grass, and the dark mountains/rocks in the background.

I think it is easy to believe in fairy tales at sunrise.