Wednesday, July 1, 2009

forget the flops

I've come to realize that sometimes, you can't capture the best moments, the prettiest moments, on camera. Sometimes, you have to be content with seeing it with your own eyes and holding on to that memory.

Anyway, I hope everyone's having a fun, sunny, summer! I know I am. I busy myself each day with sports, the lake, reading, photography, and hanging out with friends. Each time I go to hang out with friends, it's tempting to just throw on some flip flops. They are fine in moderation, but after a while I get tired of them. Here are 3 just as quick, easy, and fun shoes that will be perfect for summer.

AE Fringe Sandal, $9.95

Delia's Neon T-Strap $24.50

WetSeal Three Buckle Gladiator $5

And while we are on the subject of quick, easy things to wear out of the house during the summer, take a look at this skirt. Looks nice. But the price? 

Looks even better. Six dollars and 95 cents at American Eagle Clearance. I'm pretty sure shipping would be more than that...but I'm really tempted to get it! $6.95! 

The problem is, I don't like buying online, especiallly skirts. I am very particular, because a lot of skirts can be unflattering if you don't try them on first and know how it fits you. But still. I'm thinking about it...

Have a wonderful week!