Tuesday, July 14, 2009

times are a changin'

I'm speechless.

I put up with normal crocs. They are great shower shoes, and slip ons for me when I'm getting in the car with them, driving to a sports practice, then putting on my cleats/spikes/basketball shoes. Times when no one really sees them.

And the thing is, these crocs look kinda comfy, but for $50? I wouldn't want to buy a pair of plastic shoes of any kind for that much! I mean, regular crocs? I'll give you this, the mary janes are decent. In black.

Here's my list of ok Croc uses.

-As a shower shoe
-As a garden shoe, because no one will see it!
-A shoe to keep in the back of your car in case you need to change a tire and don't want your cute heels to get dirty
-A slip on for sports practices, when fashion consists of sweaty shirts and smelly socks.

Um....that's all I got. It's basically the crocs heels that send me over the edge. What about you?