Monday, July 6, 2009

wander lust

Summer has been perfect for just walking around town, taking pictures of random/interesting/things that catch my eye. I've already learned a lot about photography just by getting out and taking more pictures. Practice really helps! The picture below is one I took of a bumper sticker on a hippie type van, then edited it on my fav site, picnik.
I especially appreciated this bumper sticker, because it is totally what I am feeling right now. The complete desire to get out and just go!

A side note...I know this blog has been posting on photography more so than fashion the past couple days, but don't worry, I will be back to fashion tomorrow!

Although I do have a question...should I change the name of the blog? I know that's not a very normal thing to do, but maybe my name is too boring? And it seems to leave out a passion of mine, photography. So please, help me out. Should I change the name of the blog?

EDIT: Ok, so I was seriously pondddering this...just throwing out an idea. What about :


^^ That is what the header would say. Any thoughts?