Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what are the chances of winning the lottery?

Here are some facts you should know before reading this post.

-I am in highschool.
-I do not have a job.
-All this leads to the conclusion that I do not have a ton of money to spend.

Taking that into consideration, here are some things I would lovvve to get if...I mean, when, I win the lottery :) They may not seem super expensive, but they are more than what I would normally spend on an item.A chanel bag. The one above is gorgeous. I couldn't find a price, but I know it's super expensive :)

Steve Madden gladiators, $60. I love the studs on this pair!

And, from Urban Outfitters this cute dress. ($60)

Ok, so I probably won't win the lottery. I'm not one with a whole lot of luck, anyway! But I can still dream. 

Have a great day, readers! Oh, and remember to change any links you had to Fashionography. Thanks a bunch!