Monday, August 3, 2009

The 10 Things To Consider While School Shopping: Part 2

Items 6-10 in my little listy. Enjoy!

6. Don't buy something half-heartedly. 

This goes along with impulse buying, but it's a little different. Impulse buying is when you think, "I'm in love with this. I have to have it." And then you go home and wonder what you were thinking. Half hearted buying is when you think, "Yah, I'll probably wear it. It might work with that one sweater..." If you aren't positive, don't get it.

7. Go shopping with someone you trust, and is honest.

Not only can a good friend give you honest feedback, but if you are too shy to show your friend your outfit you just tried on, you probably won't end up wearing that outfit. 

8. Have ideas before you go shopping. 

Read your fav blogs, style magazines, and anything else that will get you inspired before shopping. You don't have to know every last item you want to buy, but you should have some sort of idea of clothes you want to get. If not, you may end up wandering around in the bigger stores, passing up really cute things because you didn't know you needed them.

9. Consider the season.

When you're shopping, try to pick up things that can transition to winter, because if you end up buying all summer clothing, you're going to end up realllly cold in the winter. Buy some season specific clothing, then focus on transition pieces.

10. Have fun!

Well, duh. 

Sorry, a really text-heavy post. I'm working on getting pictures up, but technology is being very. very. stubborn. So stick with me, pictures will be coming soon!