Monday, August 17, 2009


Thank you very much to the amazing blog, Modediktat, for the award. Basically, all you have to do is award 10 bloggers, and spread the pure love. :) But, since I feel like if I award 10, I should award them all, I will just be awarding three of my (many) favs.

On one hand, I hate giving awards because so many wonderful blogs deserve them. But I like to pass them on, because they can brighten a day and give credit where it's due. Some people like to use this to recognize new blogs, but these are just blogs I love. So here we go....I pass this on to...

I love their pictures, always so pretty. Laura and Manon always make me smile with their comments and posts.

She puts up the prettiest things, and if you read her blog on lazy Sundays, you'll be enthralled.

Demi has been a blogger friend from the beginning, and takes lovely pictures. Her American Apparel skirts are to die for!

So there it is. I love all your blogs!!! (Even if it wasn't awarded.)